Why Allsammy is Unique

With over 500,000 active stores and a revenue turnover of about 40 billion, it goes without saying that Shopify is one of the world's standout e-commerce platforms. This title also means it is run awash with a slew of stores, many of which are unfit to bear the Shopify emblem. Founded in 2016 the idea for Allsammy has stemmed from a sincere desire to cater to the needs of a particular set of consumers-the 21st century urban fashionista with the need for trendy and luxurious travel bags, wallets, luggage, and cosmetic containers. While Allsammy does derive profits for each product sold, customer satisfaction comes first before anything else.

As a consumer, you might ask yourself what makes this approach unique. How does this consumer-centric mentality benefit me? Well in quite a lot of ways actually.

  • All Sammy stocks only genuine products because we care.

    Truth be told shopping on Shopify requires prospective buyers to come armed with a wary and watchful eye.One wrong oversight and what you are delivered that is supposedly a Gucci shirt,is a shirt with the word "Guci" christened in front in place of Gucci as you know it. The reverse is the case with Allsammy. As a consumer, no need to worry about the authenticity of any product purchased from the Allsammy web store. We stock a unique collection of  original and manufacturer certified products, from cosmetic bags to liquid containers, luggage carriers, and even fashion travel bags.You're getting the best and nothing else

    • You get access to an unmatched selection of items.

    The Allsammy collection is surely encompassing for the niche it serves. Regardless of your needs,one visit to the store and you're bound to find a perfect match for your taste,size, budget and any other custom preference. What's more each catalog line on the Allsammy store is routinely updated and restocked to account for the changes in fashion trends commonplace in the industry. Spotted a stylish travel backpack or luggage carrier on Facebook? Simply head over to Allsammy.com and with a few clicks of the button your stylish piece is on its way to you

    • Unparalleled customer service.

    Customer first, regardless of all prevailing circumstances is our ethos. At Allsammy we place the satisfaction of our consumers over everything else.We are available 24 hours seven days a week to attend to our customers  needs,inquiries and recommendations seriously. Our goal is to continually improve on our already above the margin customer satisfaction index.

    • An easy to use web interface

    No, were not trying to push all our products on you. Instead, we are trying to help you fulfill all your luggage, bags and cosmetic container needs. As a result, the Allsammy website is minimalistic, only spotting what is essential ( which translate to faster loading times) and free of unnecessary pop-ups. Overall, these subtle tweaks make surfing through the Allsammy web store nothing short of a breeze. Our search function and index catalogs allow you to find what you want with just one or a few clicks- everything essential is right at your fingertips.

    • Competitive prices and shipping

    If budget is a constraint, fret not, at Allsammy we have something for everybody. Our catalog selections are carefully hand-picked to cover all ranges of the budget spectrum with little or no drop in product quality. So whenever you buy our  lower priced items, expect the quality to be characteristic Allsammy high standard, rest assured that you're getting optimal value for every penny spent. Furthermore, as part of our happy customer experience initiative, we offer discounted and free shipping on all products available on the Allsammy web store. It Is simply the best or nothing else with us.
      • Finally secure payments

      In a world where hackers and scammers have made the Internet a breeding ground for their nefarious activities, you can never be too careful with how you handle and share sensitive information. This is the  approach we have adopted at Allsammy. Amongst other things,the Allsammy payment portal uses an SSL security Gateway that ensures that no one is spoofing your credit card details or diverting funds to another account. The Allsammy website itself is HTTPS secured to prevent phishing of any sort. And to crown it all off, we don't share any of your personal details with advertisers ( a lot of e-commerce stores do this). Our dedication is keeping the customer-Allsammy relationship as personal and trustworthy  possible.

      We are inviting you to come to be a part of this mutually beneficial relationship!