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Do You Have Traveler Anxiety?

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Do You Have Traveler Anxiety?

Being Organized Will Help With Traveler Anxiety

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling remains one of the more exciting activities of modern day living. But with the excitement can come a bit of stress and anxiety.

No one loves anxiety, let alone stress, even in small doses. The good news is you can travel, soak in the holiday spirit and catch up on all the fun/or business/out in a bit of the two, all it takes effective planning and organization.

How do you go about that? Well, it's straightforward:

travel anxiety

Simpler Is Always Better

It's always best to pack just what you need for your trip. Keep your clothing list simple, avoiding unnecessary bulky fashion items and accessories, but make sure to pack all the necessities you will need.

One trick that helps with streamlining your baggage is to select versatile clothing pieces. Neutral colors/can be worn interchangeably/and shoes that match several outfits. You can also avoid extra coat bulk by packing smaller layers to keep warm if you're going to a cooler climate. 


travel anxiety

Organize Everything

Once you've sorted out what is essential from what is not, the next step would be to organize every item that's coming along with you into easily identifiable, retrievable and space efficient compartments to do that will help keep you from losing items for forgetting things.

Some items that have helped me on my travels are packing cubes, makeup bags, passport organizers and TSA approved containers.

Packing Cubes

packing cubes

Packing cubes are to travelers what cabinet file systems are to an artisan. They allow you to effortlessly categorize and store travel items much like cabinet systems enable artisans to store their different work tools.

Instead of cramming your entire luggage as one huge confusing pile into your suitcase, packing cubes allow you to sort them, say into a formal or informal wears category, so you know just where to reach when you're digging for a dinner dress in a rush.

Underwear, Makeup, Jewelry, And Other Miscellaneous Bags

travel anxiety

If you have traveled before, you probably remember how hard it was fining a sweet spot to nestle your underwear, jewelry, and other small items.

When I travel, I like to have specific containers for my cosmetics that can help keep them away from my clothes in case of any spills. 

TSA Approved Plastic Containers

travel anxiety

Don't spend time guessing whether or not you should check a bag - save the money and get the TSA approved bottles so you can just breeze through security. This will allow you to bring your favorite body cream, dietary supplement or virtually anything else in your carry on.

Finally, Get A Better Case For Money

travel anxiety

Wallets are cute, but when traveling you need something bigger and more secure. The ideal replacement for your wallet when traveling would be a small satchel or even a backpack.

Like packing cubes in a suitcase, satchels have compartments that allow you to seamlessly organize all everything you need on hand as you travel. And since they are always latched onto your body, you're less likely to be a victim of theft.

 More On Organized Travel Here. 


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