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Alone Or Single For Thanksgiving? Embrace It!

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Alone Or Single For Thanksgiving? Embrace It!

What To Do When Your're Alone On Thanksgiving

Sure, the ideal Thanksgiving holiday is meant to be spent with friends and family, sometimes, however, circumstances present themselves, and we find ourselves alone. At that point you're probably thinking 'alone on  Thanksgiving that's the ultimate recipe for sadness.' While this is indeed true for your favorite Hollywood movie, spending Thanksgiving alone in real life is not a no fun sentence. On the contrary, it can be quite fun and well worth the experience. All you have to do is first, except the fact that you're alone, no need to mold or sob about it. And once you're comfortable with that fact, the next step is to make moves that spice up your Thanksgiving alone-style.

How can I do that is a question you might ask, well there are many ways to skin a cat.

Go Out To Eat

If there's one thing the body loves is a delicious meal.And no one talking about your regular Chicken McNuggets. Thanksgiving is an ideal time to treat yourself to an exquisite dinner at a posh restaurant. If you've been longing for a serving at that highbrow Italian restaurant, go ahead and make a move. If no spot comes to mind at first instance, a quick survey of Yelp reviews should help you figure out the best in the business.Once you've made your mind up on where to go, Put on your best clothes and head out with shoulders held up high, the same way you would on a regular date with your loved ones. Who knows you might end up meeting someone new.

Stay Indoors And Become The Chef Of Your Dreams

If going out seems like too much of a hassle, here's a better idea, stay indoors and bring to life your culinary fantasies.There are no rules, it's just you and your ingredients and whatever dish you deem to fit to conjure up. While this might be more demanding than any other option,The process of stirring, dicing, steaming and everything else involved in the cooking process is where the fun lies. And when the dish finally gets ready, the satisfaction of seeing your masterful creation is nothing short of exhilarating. It's like witnessing the birth of your food baby, guaranteed;you're going to love it.

Yes, Netflix And Chill Might Be A Viable Option Too

For a more laid down approach (pun intended) you could sock up, get into your favorite pajamas, and watch some  Netflix from the comfort of your sofa.The good thing about Netflix is that it has an impressive array of content to select from, so there's enough material for binge-watching all through the day and night as well.

Throw in a bag of popcorn and some other tasty treats and it's Thanksgiving like no other.

Charity To Keep Your Mind At Ease

While the tasty treats it out at your favorite Italian restaurant might soon your taste buds, If you crave that warm fuzzy feeling that arises from the deepest parts of your heart, giving and helping those in need is just what the doctor recommended. It's not just about you, however, reaching out to  the less privileged ensures someone else is having a swell Thanksgiving celebration the way it was meant to be. And making someone else happy is in itself unknown reason to be happy on Thanksgiving. So, as a recap, remember, being alone on Thanksgiving is not reason enough to positive celebrations. You can have memorable fun all by yourself. All it takes is a cheerful mind, a grateful heart and the willingness to try new things. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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